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In 2019, Credencer Technologies started operations as a IT reseller operating from Hyderabad and specializing in hardware and software solutions. Since then, the company has evolved to become one of the leading IT infrastructure Reseller in the Indian region.

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#10-3-277/2/B, 1st floor, Humayun Nagar, Behind Crescent Hospital, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad, Telangana State. Phone:+91 812 519 8336 | + 966- 053 71 98480 Email:info@credencer.com Web:http://credencer.com
Phone: +91 812 519 8336 | + 966- 053 71 98480 Email:   info@credencer.com

Backup & Data Protection

You have to ensure your business information. data backup and information recuperation are significant pieces of maintaining a business. Entrepreneurs acknowledge three things rapidly: all PC frameworks crash; all human errors; and fiascos happen all of a sudden or are least arranged for them. A business can be increasingly arranged with having information reinforcement frameworks set up. These data backup frameworks are practiced by either by utilizing an offsite server or utilizing separate drives to store enormous measures of data. Without these information reinforcement frameworks set up, data backup turns into a risky circumstance where numerous organizations lose data when the most noticeably awful occurs. Offsite servers are valuable for data backup as they give gigantic measures of capacity to ostensible costs particularly when looking at the problem it spares in case of a data calamity. Having a sheltered spot to put data off of the primary business server can demonstrate to be all the more diminishing activity over the long haul. Information recuperation is normally effortless. In the uncommon situation where these offsite servers crash for the most part the offsite servers have supported up the data further onto their own drives. To utilize an offsite server to secure your business information is one of the more viable strategies to guard data.